October has felt to me likeĀ  a massive unveiling, fitting for the season traditionally associated with a thin veil between the worlds of life and death, with old notions and habits falling to the damp ground with the leaves. Some of the obsolete things fall away peacefully, and I’ve encountered many people this month who… Read More

This August, I published my first chapbook of poetry. It’s a downer that’s also weirdly hopeful, all about the prospect of human extinction. I hope that you’ll buy it and enjoy it and talk with me about it. Poetry is a new foray for me. It terrifies me, which is why I decided to dive… Read More

Today, as I was sitting catching up on some work with a friend in a cafe a few blocks from home, I received a press release from Direct Action Spokane. It said that right at that moment, protestors were blocking a coal train on the tracks at 2302 E. Trent Ave. I packed up my… Read More